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Baby goat and a baby
Goat nursing baby goats
baby nigerian dwarf goat
Blue Mountains Southeast Washington


baby nigerian dwarf goat

Hi! My name is Lexi, and my husband and I live on a small homestead with our four kids, just trying to be good stewards of all that God has blessed us with! Our farm is located on land that has been in the family for years, in the past growing strawberries and raising cattle. Now, it's our little place to slow down, enjoy nature, homeschool our children, and work toward being more self-sufficient. We are passionate about regenerative agriculture and raising animals for a purpose. Our goats were supposed to help keep the weeds down and help with soil renewal, but we fell in love with their personalities and milk! It has blossomed into a wonderful hobby for the whole family. My kids show the goats in 4-H and we drink so much milk in this house that we rarely have leftovers for other dairy products! We also participate in DHI milk test as well as ADGA Linear Appraisal in order to use data to back up our breeding decisions and give feedback on the success of our breeding goals.


My biggest goal in breeding is to have hardy goats – I am uncomfortable with how much money, time, and heartache is spent on goats that do not thrive. It is my firm belief that health is the natural state, and if we support our animals with wholesome nutrition and a healthy environment, they will naturally thrive. To this end we utilize a rotational grazing system, free choice mineral buffet, and feed a bit of non-GMO whole food grain on the milk stand. We take a holistic approach on our farm, and I try not to interfere too much with our goats' God-given immune systems. I do not use chemical dewormers (unless absolutely necessary) and in general, use herbal treatments whenever possible. I have tested yearly for CAE, CL, and Johne's and we always have negative results. In the future we're planning on testing only for CAE on a biannual basis. I'd love to talk to you more about that decision if you're interested - just message me! We also dam-raise because it makes the most sense to me, and I feel like it adds the least stress both to the animals and our family. We are always learning, growing, and tweaking our management practices. Ultimately the health, happiness, and performance of our goats lets us know when we're doing things right. Please let me know if you have any questions! 

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