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Reference Does

These gals have moved on from the Quail Song herd, but we still carry their genetics in our lines

Cougar Meadows Martha 

Sire: Almar Acres Dyami Tyee *B

     Sire's Sire: Violet's Acre BA School's Out *B

          SSS: Castle Rock Akikta +B

          SSD: GCH Wood Bridge Farm Spelling Bee 2*M

     Sire's Dam: SGCH Camanna MD Alshanee Moon 4*M (07-04 VEEE 90)

          SDS: Poppy Patch WL Moondoggie *B

          SDD: SG Camanna WR Moonlight Serenity 3*M


Dam: 5 Fold Farm EN Parris

     Dam's Sire: SG TX Twincreeks E Edge of Night +B

          DSS: Pecan Hollow C Total Eclipse

          DSD: SGCH AGS Little Rascals Black Dahlia 1*M (10-07 EEEE 92)

     Dam's Dam: 5 Fold Farm BW Fiona

          DDS: Castle Rock Pied Raven *B



Cougar Meadows Mississippi Mud 6*M (pending)

Sire: Dill's DL RuPaul *B

     Sire's Sire: Dill's Dude Look Like A Lady *B

          SSS: Dill's ROR Dilly Dilly *B

          SSD: SG Dill's H Up Yours 3*M (06-04 VEEE 91)

     Sire's Dam: SG Dill's BF Free 5*M

          SDS: SG NC PromisedLand RC Bonafide ++B

          SDD: SGCH Dill's XM Keena 4*M (05-02 EEEE 92)

Dam: Wild Bramble BBJ Magnolia Rain 5*M

     Dam's Sire: Wild Bramble JE Blue Boy Jet

     Dam's Dam: SG 5 Fold Farm PTS Sweet Pea 4*M (06-04 VEEE 90)

          DDS: Camanna TN Popeye The Sailor *B

          DDD: Castle Rock Sugar And Spice 3*M (05-04 VEEE 90)

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Linear Appraisal History

2023: 2-03  GVVV 85

*If you are unfamiliar with Linear Appraisal, this information indicates that a licensed appraiser scored this doe at 2 years and 3 months old as having Good general appearance, Very Good dairy strength, Very Good body capacity, and Very Good mammary system. Her overall score was 85, and the highest score ever given to a Nigerian Dwarf through this program is 93.

DHI Milk Test Results

2023: DIM 168, Milk 670*, Fat 43*, Protein 29*

*If you are unfamiliar with DHI, this information indicates the lbs of milk produced, as well as fat and protein within the milk, after 168 days in milk. Muddy earned a milk star in volume, fat, and protein content.

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