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DOB: 3/29/23

Sire: Better Wayz Hullabaloo Bear

Dam: Sweeter Than Honey MilaniaQuin

This beautiful Swiss doeling has the front end assembly I want to add to my herd combined with a refined dairyness that is indicative of her dam line. To top it all off her sire is out of the top butterfat producing Nigerian Dwarf for 2021. I'm really looking forward to seeing the milk production and content in the future with this stylish gal!

IMG_2312 2.jpg

Pedigree Highlights:

Sire: Better Wayz Hullabaloo Bear *B

     Sire's Sire: Better Wayz Sirocco's Legacy +B

          SSS: SG Old Mountain Farm Elton Jay ++B

          SSD: SG Old Mountain Farm Sirocco 4*M (06-01 EEEE 91)

     Sire's Dam: SG Better Wayz Harmony Carabear 3*M (04-04 VEEE 91)

          SDS: SG Old Mountain Farm Elton Jay ++B

          SDD: SG Better Wayz Carabear 2*M (06-05 VEEE 90)

Dam: Sweeter Than Honey MilaniaQuin

     Dam's Sire: Old Mountain Farm Brave Elk

          DSS: Old Mountain Farm Swift Elk +B

          DSD: SG Old Mountain Farm Elke

     Dam's Dam: Old Mountain Farm Amalia Quinn

          DDS: Old Mountain Farm Sayomis *B

          DDD: SG Old Mountain Farm Katja Quinn (05-06 EEEE 90)

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