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Nigerian Dwarf Goat Doe in milk

All the Details...

We want you to feel confident in buying a kid or two from us, and we really enjoy helping new goat owners come to love these animals as much as we do. We've outlined our sales policies below so that you know what to expect. It's a lot of official wording, but the basics are: we love our goats and will sell only healthy ones and only to fully paid buyers. We will give you lots of information about how to manage their care to reduce stress but we cannot guarantee anything once it has left our farm. We will give you advice/help/encouragement all along the way if you want it. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Sales Policies

Quail Song Farm Purchase & Sales Contract

Thank you for considering Quail Song Farm when looking for a Nigerian Dwarf Goat. Our goal is to raise hardy, friendly, and productive goats. Whether you want a goat as a pet, for milk, or to show, we are happy to help match you with the best fit.

Non-refundable deposit in the amount of $100 (per doe or buck) or $50 (per pet wether), paid by way of Venmo, cash, or check (personal checks require 14 business days to process), is due in conjunction with this signed sales contract in order to hold an animal. 

Balance is due at agreed upon date of sale/date of actual possession and ownership transfer. 

***If reserved kids/goats are not picked up by the end of the possession date window, BUYER will be charged $5/day board, to be paid by BUYER before goat leaves the farm. If you have not picked up your animal after two weeks of notification, then reserved goats will be retained or put up for sale again and your deposit will be lost.***

Reserved goat(s) will not leave Quail Song Farm, for any reason, until full payment is received. 


Sales Policy:

  1. SELLER warrants clear title to said goat(s). 

  2. SELLER makes no guarantees, expressed or implied, including any guarantees to health, color, height, reproduction, show quality, milk production, etc. We do not offer any health or wellness guarantees after the goat has left our property since we cannot control the management of said goat(s) once it leaves our farm. We encourage BUYERS to understand that travel and management change is stressful to said goat(s) and the BUYER is encouraged to make environment & feed transitions slowly to reduce stress to said goat(s). 

  1. SELLER guarantees said goat(s) is healthy at time of sale and BUYER has the option to review the condition and health of the goat, including any veterinary examinations, at BUYER’s expense. 

  2. BUYER has the right to review current blood test results, DHI milk test results, and Linear Appraisals. 

  3. Quail Song Farm will not sell a single goat if it will not be housed with at least one other goat. Goats are herd animals and need goat friends.

  4. SELLER is not responsible for acclimation of your goat(s) in your home or any other place. For example, other animals not getting along with the goat(s), you are not zoned for goats, etc. These are issues that need to be considered before acquiring goats.

  5. All buck & doe kids will be disbudded and tattooed, and all wethers will be disbudded and castrated before leaving Quail Song Farm. 

  6. On agreed upon Date of Sale and upon full payment of said goat(s) as set forth in contract above, SELLER agrees to provide ADGA registrations papers and transfer of ownership form(s) to BUYER. BUYER agrees to complete the full transfer of ownership through ADGA at BUYER'S expense within 30 days of date of sale. 

  7. Should a doe be sold as a pet/non-breeding animal, no registration papers will be released or given to BUYER at any time. 

  8. Quail Song Farm reserves the right to retain any kid from any breeding.

  9. We reserve the right to refuse to sell an animal at our discretion if we are not confident in the ability of the BUYER to adequately care for the animal. 

  10. In the event of the loss or injury of said goat(s) prior to possession date, SELLER shall refund full deposit to BUYER. 

  11. Any animals sold bred are guaranteed bred at time of sale, via positive blood test. SELLER offers no guarantee as to quality or number of kids born. SELLER has no control over abortion, absorption or loss of fetus, or overall health of kids and/or doe after transfer to BUYER due to stress, management, natural causes, etc. 

  12. Any kids who are the result of a doe purchased bred MUST carry the “Quail Song” herd name and have ear tattoos of the farm where the kids were actually born (BUYER’S tattoo letters). 

  13. The BUYER is responsible for transportation of the animal and all transportation costs. SELLER assumes no responsibility for transportation arrangements or costs associated with transportation, nor will SELLER be responsible for accepting or transferring funds intended for shipment of the animal. Furthermore, SELLER is not responsible for death or injury associated with transportation.

  14. All animals being picked up must be done so in a safe and humane way.  We reserve the right to refuse the sale and return your money if otherwise.  Tying them up in the back of a truck will not work with our goats.  We recommend a dog carrier for them.  

  15. Any animals sold out of state require a Health Certificate in order to be transported across state lines per state law. Health Certificates will be arranged for by SELLER, and must be paid for by BUYER in addition to the reservation deposit. 

  16. We offer LIFETIME after-sale advice. We are always happy to help answer questions that may arise so feel free to contact us via e-mail <> and/or txt/call <206-949-2061> Please also use good judgement in emergency situations and contact your veterinarian immediately.

Upon breach of this AGREEMENT by one party the other party shall have the option to terminate sale.

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